One Amazing Video, Every Advertising Cliché You Can Imagine

As a photographer, I am used to seeing and hearing about cliché photos.  It just comes with the job, and to be fair it’s easy to understand.  Ideas are cliché for a reason, they work.  One of the things I often try to do when confronted with cliché ideas is to think of how we can adapt it, modernise it, or make it a little less cliché.  For example, one of the most common areas of my photography that I see and hear cliché ideas frequently is with my band photography.  “Photograph us on railroad tracks” or “we really want to do the shoot in this abandoned warehouse”.  You get the idea.


The same thing happens in the world of advertising.  It’s easy to see why though, cliché’s work.  The brilliant people over at Dissolve have created the best advertising video I have ever seen.  (Thanks to mashable for first sharing this and bringing it to our attention)  What is particularly awesome about this video, is that is is created by Dissolve and it mocks Dissolve.  Dissolve specialise in HD stock video footage and this video shows you that they have every video you could possibly want, no matter how cliché.


It’s really hard to pick out a favourite part of this video, because it is all fantastic.  But, if I had to pick a favourite part it would be right towards the beginning with “Go Forwardness”.

What is your favourite part of the video?