Acoustic Singer Songwriter Musician Promo Portraits

I recently received an enquiry from a local acoustic singer songwriter that wanted some new portraits for promotion on his website and social media.  As a musician, Cody realised the importance of having good images in today’s world.  People notice images more than ever today, and often the audience of a musician will see an image before they even hear any of the music.  This is why having good, unique portraits is vital for today’s musicians.  Originally he came to me with an absolutely amazing idea.  However, that idea has been put on hold due to trying to find the venue for that idea.  Stay tuned for that though, as when it happens it will be amazing!


We still organised something, something a little more “normal” for this shoot so that he could get something to use on the his website.  We wanted something luxurious feeling, but something that would also show his style of music.  Below are the resulting images from this shoot.








These images were taken in a pub in Bury St. Edmunds if you can believe it.  They had two of these amazing chairs by the door when I walked in, and I just knew we had to use one for this shoot.  After that, it was about finding a space big enough, and a space without a lot of distractions to do the shoot.  Thankfully in the pool room, there was one wall just big enough, and with the exceptions of quite a few marks on the wall from pool cues, was completely clutter free!


The pub, the Queens Head, is situated in a 16th century building.  This not only means that it is a lovely location, but it also means that nothing is straight!  The walls were extremely crooked here, and you can see that if you look at the tiles on the floor.  Makes the whole scene seem a little wonky, but it isn’t!  😀


My favourite image from this shoot has to be the first image posted here.  What is your favourite?  Tell us in the comments below!