New Year New Awards

So far 2014 has started out pretty good after being awarded my Fellowship with the SWPP.  There was one thing I had forgotten to write about after the convention had ended though, and that was the 2016 print competition that is held there each year.  What prompted me to remember this was the results of the January monthly image competition and writing a post about that.  So, we will just have to incorporate both of those into one post now!  😀

20×16 Merits Awards

Easily one of the highlights on the convention each year.  Each year I plan on entering a load of different images into the competition and each year I find myself only entering about 4.  This year was no different… I entered 4 images.  What exactly is the 20×16 print competition you ask?  Well, it’s the ultimate in photographic competitions in my eyes as the images are printed out to a size of 20×16 and they are judged by 5 different judges to which a final score is achieved.  There are thousands upon thousands of entries each year and any score above an 80 is given a merit award.  This year the highest score given to any one photograph was an 87 and my highest score was an 82…ok, all four of my images received an 82!  Not bad going!   From there all the merited images are put together in their respective categories and judged again to arrive at the winning images for each category.  The winners are then put against one another to determine the overall winner.  Sadly, my images didn’t win their categories, but I am really pleased that all 4 of my images were merited and were in with a shout!  Here are those four images.   Contemporary Portrait Advertising Band Photographer UK 3 Contemporary Portrait Advertising Band Photographer UK 8 Contemporary Portrait Advertising Band Photographer UK 7 Contemporary Portrait Advertising Band Photographer UK 18   The ultimate winners of the competitions were throughly deserved and there were some absolutely amazing images in the whole competition.  Next year, I WILL enter more images.  I just need to remember to order prints throughout the year instead of waiting to the last minute.

January Monthly Image Competition

One of the biggest benefits of being a member of The Societies is the monthly image competition.  Again, there are multiple categories to enter and each month there are thousands of entries spread across the multiple categories.  Because I don’t photograph weddings, I am usually limited on the number of categories that I enter.  You can only enter 1 image per category per month so I usually wind up with about 4 images entered a month.  This month was no different, though for the first time in a LONG time I entered an image into the Maternity category…you will see that in a minute.   Unfortunately I didn’t receive any Gold awards this month, but I did receive 3 Highly Commended’s (Update:  It has been brought to may attention that one image WAS awarded a Gold).  As usual, I am my own worst critic so once I knew the results of the competitions I could easily start picking apart my images and seeing why they were not Gold and what I needed to do next time to get more Golds.  Last year I had set myself a target of 12 Golds…I fell short of that with 8 Golds.  This year I am again setting myself that same target of 12 Golds, so we shall see what happens!   Anyways, here are the 3 Highly Commended (2 Highly Commended and 1 Gold) images for January.

Bun in the Oven





UPDATE:  It has been brought to my attention that the below image was actually awarded a Gold and not Highly Commended.


So there you have it!  I entered my family pregnancy announcement photo into maternity just to see what would happen.  It is technically a maternity photo, I just wasn’t sure the judges would get that!  They did though and I am pleased with the results.

What is your favourite image here?  Leave your comments below.

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February 5, 2014 at 2:53 pm

I love them! Nice work.