Cambridge Composite Photography Training Course

Just Released!!  Since the annual Societies convention in London, I have had many photographers enquiring about a more in depth/hands on training course for composite portraits.  I held a mini 1.5 hour mast class at the convention, and this really wasn’t enough time to “truly” learn how to plan, shoot, and edit composite portraits.  So, the first full day Composite Photography Training Workshop is announced!!!


The course is more than just teaching you how to put together a composite in Photoshop.  This course talks about the planning (the most important aspect), the shooting, the lighting, and then the editing.  We will also talk about the two different types of composite images that you can create and which ones to use depending on what you are trying to create.





The Nitty Gritty:

When:  29th March 2014.   Where:  The Works Studio Croxton Whitehall Farm PE19 6SS   Time:  10:00-5:00   Price:  £150 max 20 delegates






What Will This Course Teach You?:

  • How to plan your composite image before you start shooting
  • How to choose what type of composite you want to create
  • How to shoot your subjects and background images in a way that will allow you to use them over and over again
  • How to light your subject (we will talk through lighting as a whole from metering through to lighting patterns)
  • How to photograph and choose the backgrounds that you want to shoot
  • How to cutout your subjects in Photoshop
  • How to combine multiple images in Photoshop
  • How to make your combined images look real and convincing (colour matching, shadows, perspective)


Composite Photography Course Overview:

This photography training course is designed for all levels of photographers.  We will talk through the importance of planning your shoot ahead of time, and how this planning can be put into action when you are shooting allowing you to shoot a library of images that can be used over and over again in your composites.  We will talk through lighting from the very beginning.  Lighting is such a crucial part of ALL photography that lighting will make up a large portion of this course, ensuring that you leave with a strong and knowledgeable understanding of how to correctly light your subjects.  Once we have shot our model(s) in the studio we will move outside (weather permitting, otherwise indoors) and shoot our background images.  Back in the studio we will walk through the editing of our composite images.  Talking through cut outs, colour matching, light matching, and creating realistic shadows ensuring that you have a complete, realistic image.


Equipment Needed:

  • DSLR or Mirrorless camera that allows you to shoot in manual mode
  • Selection of lenses
  • tripod (ideal, but if you don’t have one I have one you can use just won’t be able to shoot at the same time)
  • Laptop
  • Photoshop CS4 or later
  • Empty memory cards
  • Something to take notes on
  • Lots of questions!!!


Who is this course for:

Photographers of all levels that want to take their creativity and photographic offerings to a new level will benefit from this composite photography training course.  We will go through lighting and posing as part of the class, so anyone that wants to learn everything about creating amazing portraits will learn from this class.  Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, you will learn something from George Fairbairn.  Our classes are designed to give information from the beginning and allow you to leave with a wealth of new information and techniques.


What have others said:


“Having spent a day with George in Cambridge, I came away inspired to shoot new images, as did others on the course.  It was interesting to see how George coped with shooting on location in a public area with a model – and the kit he used to achieve his images.  George was also happy to share his workflow knowledge and keen to assist with posing for the beginners in the group. – Angela Adams Photography Ltd


“I highly recommend any workshop that George offers.

 I was a little hesitant in doing this workshop as I am a very shy person, but After meeting George i was instantly at ease. As for the workshop, I had never used an off camera flash before, and I have little experience posing, so this was all very new to me. George was very patient, and happy to answer all of my questions. I learned so much from this workshop and hope to attend another if possible. – Lindsey Wylie Photography


About George Fairbairn:

George Fairbairn is a professional photographer residing outside of Cambridge.  George recently earned his Fellowship with the SWPP and is known for his seemingly impossible, creative portraits.  George specialises in photography for music magazine such as Rocksound and offers portraiture for commercial clients as well as bands and musicians.  George also offers photography training in areas such as composite photography’s well as location lighting and portraiture.