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If you are regular readers of the blog, you will remember that I have written posts here and here about the previous two ranges of headphones that I shot for CYW by Urbanz.  Well, here is the latest installment from the shoot that day…NAPA headphones.


What are NAPA headphones?


Ah, excellent question!  The NAPA range gets it’s name from napa leather.  The NAPA range has a more classy look than the more vibrant ranges such as NEON and Tribe whilst maintaining it’s appeal to a younger market.


The Concept

So the concept and brief for the NAPA range was completely different to the things we did with NEON and TRIBE.  With this shoot we aimed for university students and young business people.  I like to think of what we did as Vogue with headphones!   We all knew these images were going to be used in advertising in various magazines and billboards and we really wanted to make sure that they struck a chord with the target market.


The Shoot – Execution

To prep for our new shoot, the models went off to change and get makeup while I setup lights and a new background.  Knowing that we were looking for a completely different look, I went with an almost completely different setup.   Out went the bright coloured, vivid backgrounds and in came a medium grey.  I took away my fourth light that was lighting the background previously as I wanted to background much darker for these, but not too dark (which is why we went with grey and not black).  I did keep my standard three light setup, but I toned down the rim lighting a little bit


The Shoot – Challenges

I think our main challenge with shooting the NAPA range was that it required a completely new attitude from our models.  The two previous shoots had been about fun and personality and for this we wanted a more serious, high fashion look.  The models were absolutely brilliant though and we nailed the attitude and feel we were looking for.


For me, a challege was trying to get more full body shots that still showcased the headphones.  Prior to the NAPA shoot, we had focused almost soley on head shots, and at the widest waist up.  For NAPA we wanted to try and get a few full length shots, but still showcase the headphones.  Again, the models were brilliant here and really made this easier than I thought it was going to be.


The Images


Once we got going, this was one of the faster shoots of the day.  This is probably down to a smaller range of colours, but I think that once we found a flow we were able to just run with it.  And here are the results!













The Shoot – In Conclusion


I know I said last time that Tribe was the most fun shoot of the day.  But, the NAPA shoot was right up there.  It was a more challenging shoot after the two previous ones on the day and once we got into a groove we were rewarded with excellent images.  I think we nailed the Vogue with headphones look and the models really enjoyed it as well.


What do you think?



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