September Awards | MMA Fighter and Indie Rock



It’s been an interesting year for me with the competitions.  Started out with at least 1 award a month, and then I just became to busy with photography to remember to enter (and update my blog!)  But, I remembered this September and the results and some information on the images are below.  So, read on!

 The Gold Award

Award Winning Portrait of professional MMA fighter Paul Semtex Daley


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So if you are not a follower of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) then you may not know who this person is.  If you ARE a follower of MMA you will probably know that this is Paul “Semtex” Daley.  Former UFC fighter and now BAMMA fighter that will be making his return at BAMMA 14 in December.


Plug Time!

The above portrait of MMA fighter Paul Daley is also a composite image.  It was shot on location at the gym you see him standing in, Spirit Dojo gym in Nottingham.  However, the setup and size of the gym wasn’t allowing me to get the image as I imagined it in my head.  So  I broke out the white background, shot Paul against that in a variety of different poses and then took a nice HDR of the gym from the angle that I wanted.   I then combined it all together and created the image you see above.


You might also be wondering why this subtitle is called “Plug Time!”.  Well, for my fellow photographer readers, if you are heading to the SWPP convention in London in January I will be presenting a Masterclass on planning, shooting, and creating composite images like the one you see above.


The Highly Commended


The following two images were awarded a Highly Commended from the September competitions.  I won’t go into a great amount of detail as to why they weren’t Gold awards.  I used to do that, but not sure how many of my readers actually care!  I still go through that process myself as it’s something to learn from and improve!  Anyways, onto those images!


More MMA Portraits!!


Actually I have even more MMA portraits than the one you saw above and the one you see now.  It’s just that the other ones I can’t show anyone yet as they will be used in features about Paul Daley in the run up to BAMMA 14 in December.  Anyways, here is one that I CAN share and was awarded a Highly Commended for September.


Award Winning Sports Athlete Portrait Photographer


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This was another composite image, and to be honest it was something that I just created after deciding that I wanted to have a play with something and too challenge myself a little.  I shot this in a way that I could use is for a composite image.  On my tripod, I have little marks that I have made to remind me of the heights that I shoot certain things at for creating composite images.  I have marks for waist up portraits and ones for full body portraits.  So it was easy for me to shoot the portrait of Paul at the correct height so that when I did decide to play around, it would look natural.  I really wanted to create something that would look a bit like a film poster and that would have the feel of Paul being in a post apocolyptic setting.  That was the challenging part for me, but I think I did pretty good with that and everyone at BAMMA loves the photo.


Indie Rock – Sorry, Post Sadcore!


Award Winning Band Portrait Photographer


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The boys from Hello Bear would probaby not be happy with me calling them Indie Rock, as they much prefer Post Sadcore.  Genre’s aside, the guys in Hello Bear are always great to work with, and this photo was actually taken a few months ago.  But, it’s one of those portraits that I have just loved from the moment I took it and wanted to see how it would do in the competitions.  This image, unlike the other two, is NOT a composite image.  It was shot on location at a small recording studio in Norwich and they just had this one wall that was covered in sheet metal that I just had to use as the background for the shoot.


In Conclusion


It was nice to get back on the award train for September.  Feels like it has been ages, even if this year I am on pace to get more awards than any year prior.  All the images this month are images that I happily put into my print portfolio and my clients have loved…and that is the important part really!


Which image is your favourite and why?  Comment below!