Tribe Earphones by Urbanz | Commercial Photography

Some of you might remember me stating in my blog post about the Neon headphones shoot that I was going to break down the overall shoot for Urbanz into individual posts for each range.  So, this post is going to focus on the Tribe range of earphones from Urbanz.

What are Tribe earphones?

Excellent question!  Tribe is a range of noise isolating in earphone that comes in a range of contrasting colours.   Don’t take my work for it though, check them out here!


On the day of our shoot with Urbanz, the Tribe range was one that we were all looking forward to.  There was the challenge of capturing good photographs of in earphones, which presents it’s own challenges, as well as meeting the brief that Urbanz had in mind for this range.

Everything was shot at The Works Studio Cambridgshire and once we got started it all flowed very nicely and I think we really nailed the brief.  Speaking of brief….


The Concept

The concept behind our shoot for the Tribe range was that each colour would represent a different mood, or tribe.  We had our lovely makeup artist create a contemporary yet tribal look with the makeup to really try and drive this point home..   The marketing department for Urbanz had a vision of using each colour range and putting the three models together onto a single image to be used in various advertising with the slogan “Which Tribe are you?”.

The Shoot – Execution

I opted again to shoot on different solid colour background for each range.  I tried to pick a colour that was not only a colour within the earphones themselves, but also a colour that would be the basis for the “mood” we were creating.

I used my standard three light setup to give the images a little bit of edge.  This lighting setup though also will aid Urbanz in removing the subjects from the background when they need to for the creation of their advertising images.  For this reason, we shot each model on their own so that Urbanz could have individual shots and then could create group shots when the advertising required it.


The Shoot – Challenges

The main challenge that this range posed over the others was that these were in earphones, and not over the head headphones.  This meant that the physical earphone was not only small, but most of the time a little hidden within the models ear.  It was my job as the photographer to ensure that each image focused on the earphones and why the consumer should buy them.  This si also why we tried to portray a mood with each colour!  I made sure with each colour, and each model, that I got a least one or two shots that clearly focused on the earphone themselves.  But, I also wanted to wider shots to give the consumer some emotional / aspirational attachment to the image and make them want to purchase the earphones.  This is when having good models really makes a difference!

Anyone that has ever worked with me knows that I like to give a lot of direction, but in a really fun way!   I am a bit of a perfectionist and I will tweak poses until it is giving me what I want to see.  With this shoot though, things were a little different.  For the direction of the models I really just told them what mood I wanted them to convey and to do that as if they were in that mood listening to music on the earphones.  A couple of the models then did in fact put some music on to listen to while I shot and I think this really helped them nail it.  Each model was so good and “acting” to the mood I wanted that the Tribe shoot went relatively quickly.  This might also be down to there only being 3 colours as well though.  😀


The Images

So, after all that work what was the result?  Well, below you are going to see a selection of some of my favourite images from the Tribe shoot.  Since all these images where photographed with advertising in mind, they may seem as though they have a lot of empty space.  That is because they do!  This empty space gives Urbanz and their marketing department room to add copy and logos and whatever else they need to help advertise their amazing earphones.  Once I start to see some of these in use, I will of course post the tearsheet and scans so we can see them how they are meant to be seen…in advertising.















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The Shoot – In Conclusion

The Tribe range was really one of the most fun shoots of the day.  Don’t get me wrong, but it was fun to see each model in three different personalities for the different colour ranges!  I also really embraced and loved the challenge of trying to photograph a product that was so small and hidden in comparision to the model wearing it.


Don’t forget to check out the full range that CYW by Urbanz has to offer.




So, now that you have seen some of the images do you know what mood each colour range was meant to reflect?  Post your guesses in the comments below!