A bridge, a pub, KFC, and a fight

This shoot is a good few months old now, and has since appeared in Front magazine.  But, I hadn’t blogged about it yet so here we go!


I was contacted by Bournemouth based metal band Sansara to give them some new promotional portraits before they embarked on a UK tour.  Being based in Cambridge, and them in Bournemouth we decided that a shoot in London would be ideal as it was right in the middle.  Meeting in Camden on a Saturday turned out to be a lot busier than any of us anticipated, but we managed to find some peace and quite and got of a few awesome shots.


The warm up


I am calling this shot the warm up because, well that’s exactly what it turned out to be!  One of the members of Sansara knew of this little tunnel just down the road from Camden market and it turned out to be an ideal location.  Isolated, quite, and large it gave us everything we needed to have a good professional shoot done.  We spent some time doing you “standard” poses for metal bands and the end result is the image you see below.





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It is your standard band portrait.  Guys lined up in a v, singer front and centre.  I managed to give it a my standard three light setup and it was the perfect image for what we needed.  But, we had all been talking and we had an idea…a brilliant idea!!


A pub, KFC, and a fight


Sansara had played a few months earlier at a pub not far from where we did the above shot and they thought that it might be the perfect venue for the next part of the shoot.  So, we trudged through Camden trying to find the pub and talked more about the idea we had for this next shot.  We needed the pub, some KFC, and brilliant things were bound to happen.


Once we arrived at the pub the original idea for the shot changed (I can’t tell you what the original idea was as I might do it later) and as a bonus we now had some KFC to eat instead of being a prop.  We found a backroom in the pub and I got setting up my lights and figuring out the best angle of attack to make this image have the most impact.  Honestly, no one was hurt in the making of this photo!




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The band wanted something really metal, and I think we got that nailed here.  Lighting was a little tricky for me as the room we did the shoot in was really narrow and we had to rearrange things a couple of time, but in the end we got there and this was the result.




It’s one of the reasons that I absolutely love working with bands and musicians.  I love coming up with crazy, creative ideas for photoshoots, but sometimes you just need that extra added creativity that comes with bands to really flesh out the idea you have in your head.  That was absolutely the case with this shot.  I had the idea in my head, but it wasn’t quite finished and little inputs from the band created an amazing, cinematic portrait that the band could use proudly to promote themselves and their music.


The image went on to feature Sansara in Front magazine and was used to promote their successful UK tour.


Be sure to go and check out Sansara and gives these awesome guys a listen and like over on facebook.