NEON Headphones by Urbanz | Commercial Photography

After a good couple of weeks of editing, I have finally finished editing all of the images from my commercial photography shoot for CYW by Urbanz.  This was a rather large shoot in which we photographed four different ranges of headphones.  I have made the decision to break down the blog posts on my shoot with Urbanz into each of the different ranges that we were photographing on the day.  Each range had such a distinct and different style, that it really only makes sense to write up the blog posts this way.


NEON Headphones by Urbanz

First on the list is the flagship range for Urbanz heading into 2014… the NEON range of headphones.  The NEON range is simple in design, but striking on colour!  The range comes in 5 different neon colours and we tried to convey a different emotion for each of those colours, whilst making sure the images overall were striking, yet simple…you will see what I mean by that in a bit!


For the shoot itself, we rented an amazing studio just outside of Cambridge (The Works Studio)  and we hired 3 models from a local model agency (we initially hired 4 but an emergency came up with him.)  That left us with a great studio, 1 male model and 2 female models to help us complete the advertising images for the NEON range.



We had a wide range of coloured backgrounds to choose from for our shoot and I went with the brief and thoughts from our client on colour selection.  Having the coloured backgrounds did a couple of things for us.  It gave us a clutter free, yet interesting and different background for the shots.  This would allow the marketing department at Urbanz the freedom to add copy and logo when publishing the images as ads in magazings and on billboards.  The coloured backgrounds also gave us something modern, striking, and different.  Most advertising and fashion photography that you see tend to either be out on location or on a black, white or grey background.  Don’t get me wrong, we did use a grey background with a different range of headphones, but the strap line of Urbanz is “Colour Your World”, so it was only fitting that we tried to make these images bold and colourful.

Below you will find some of my personal favourites from the shoot….

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So there you have it!  All in all I feel that these images turned out great, and the client is very pleased with the results.  They are different for me, but still have my “style” stamped upon them.


Which is your favourite colour?