Kings and Crows Music Video and Band Photography

Band Photographer and Music Video Production


Somehow or another, I never blogged about this!  Not really sure how that happened, but it’s happening now!  Better late than never eh?  Well Kings and Crows are a tremendous band from Norwich that we have had the pleasure of working with in the past, and every time we work with them it produces something special!  This time around Kings and Crows took me up on a special offer I have for bands and musicians where they can get a photoshoot as well as a video all in the same sitting.  This works really well for everyone involved as we get to promote the video a bit like promoting a movie…having an image created that tells the story of the video.  Well, that’s the idea at least!  That’s not what happened here though.  Instead we not only made a bad ass music video, but we also made one helluva image!


The Image

So when Kings and Crows told me the rough idea behind the image, I was ecstatic at shooting it.  I could picture it in my head and it looked amazing!  The brief from the band was…

“basically we’re all tied to chairs and just out of shot on the right, someone is pouring water on us from a petrol can and on the left, owen has actually untied himself and is calmly lighting a cigar”


I absolutely loved the idea and had my tweaks that I thought would work better, you will see it when you see the finished image.  We talked it through, came to the final thought and shot it.  Here is the result.




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This was shot on a cold evening after we had just finished up 8 hours of filming the video!  Luckily for Mick (he’s the one getting water poured on him) we only had 4 takes before we nailed it!  When I posted this image on my facebook, it quickly became my most popular ever image on facebook.  People loved the narrative of the image and the boys in Kings and Crows really made it with their tremendous acting skills for the shot.


The Video

Now that image is a lot of fun, but you have to admit it’s a little dark and maybe morbid.  The video that we shot on the day is the complete opposite of this photograph.  It’s fun, funny, lighthearted and…well, have a watch!




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The main concept for the video was to be based around Come Dine With Me.  We really wanted to try and get that feeling across, but wanted to add completely random and obscure incidents as well.  All in all it was an amazing and fun day of filming (and my 3 year old son absolutely loved having a band playing in the kitchen!).  This video was also the first time I put my GoPro under water, which is something I have wanted to do since buying it!  For those interested, I shoot videos with two cameras now.  A GoPro for unique or POV shots and my Nikon DSLR for the rest.


So there you have it!  Two amazing products in one day, and I can’t believe that I never blogged about it until now!!


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