February 2013 Award Winning Photographer Images

Award Winning Photographer Images February 2013


At the beginning of the year, I set myself a goal of one award a month in 2013.  After receiving one gold award in January, February see me keeping the pace with another gold award!  Now, to keep this pace going!


I am also going to go through how it was done for my photography quick tip post.  So, make sure you keep reading for some great advice!!



Gold Award Winning Photographer – Portrait Avant Garde



You ever get a brief for a shoot and just know that it is going result in awesomeness?  That’s what my initial thoughts were when we were talking about creating this image.  It is slightly different than the idea that the band had come to me with, but adding my experience I suggested some changes to the shoot that would make it better (read more about traits to look for in editorial photographers here.)

If I wasn’t already excited for this shoot after just talking about it, you should have seen how excited I was after just one test shot!  We nearly nailed the shot on the first take, and it was looking even better than I had pictured it!  This image won gold in the Portrait Avant Garde category with The Societies for the month of February.  It has also become the most popular image on my facebook page now.  It was shot for Norwich based indie band Kings and Crows and was shot in conjunction with a music video I shot for them on the same day.  Be sure to go and check them out here, and definitely keep an eye out for the video when it comes out.


Photography Quick Tip #3


I normally write a weekly photography quick tip, and I normally put it in it’s own post.  But, this image has something about it that makes for a perfect quick tip.  Therefore I am going to just include it here.

There is nothing composited in this photo.  It was shot exactly as you see it.  We took about 5 takes to get to the final image you see, and with the other 4 shots we were really just tweaking the posing and emotions of the band members.   Mick, the poor guy getting water poured on him, was absolutely freezing as it was only about 4 degrees outside.  We were pretty nice to him though and used very warm water for the shoot.


So, how was it done?  And why?  The most important aspect of how this shot was done is the lighting.  I used a three light set up, but not for the reasons I normally would.   Normally I use a three light setup to either add some rim and separation to my subjects in an urban environment.  Here I used three lights out of necessity.  How was this necessity you ask?  Well, when you are photographing smoke and/or water the best lighting for them is from behind.  Lighting smoke and/or water from behind is what gives it impact and separates it from the black background.  This is why the water sparkles and is so prominent and why you can see the smoke from the cigar so well.


So there you have your weekly photography quick tip….  light smoke and/or water from behind.



Now, this image is easily one of my favourite images of the year so far.  There are so many reasons, but the main reason being the perfect posing and expressions on everyone.


What is your favourite aspect of this photo?