5 Reasons Your Band Needs a Music Video

Why You Need a Music Video


The DSLR camera has made affordable,  high quality music video production more widely available to bands and musicians of all size and popularity.  Like most things you can find cheap, lower quality music video production and you can find very expensive, very high quality video production and everything in between.  Basically, there is a video producer out there for every budget somewhere, so there is no excuse!  😀

1. YouTube is VERY Popular


Did you know that YouTube has constantly been in the top 4 most popular websites in the world?  In 2012 it was 4th behind Google, Yahoo, and Facebook.  In 2011 it was 2nd only behind Facebook.   If youTube taught us anything recently, it’s that a little known artist from South Korea can wind up having the most viewed video on the internet ever.  Not that I am a fan, but artists like Justin Bieber have been discovered from YouTube.


A great example of the popularity of YouTube can be shown on this video that I shot for London based NJ.  NJ are still relatively unknown in the UK, but are very popular throughout Europe.  This video broke through 100k views in one day and has given them much more exposure in the UK as a result.


2. YouTube is Owned by Google


Most bands and musicians rely on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and Soundcloud for their web presence.  Sadly these sites don’t come up in Google search results.  YouTube videos however not only show up, but are given precedence over everything thing else when there are videos matching your search terms.  Not on youTube?  When someone searches “Norwich pop-punk band” on Google, sadly you won’t be found.  However, if you have a music video on YouTube, and you have used your tags and description effectively, you will be found rather easily.


3. Provides a Visual Representation of Your Music and Brand


There once was a time when the only way that people listened to music was via the radio.  Since radio is a purely audio experience, audiences only saw their favourite bands when they toured or when they saw them in a magazine.  While the images and photography is still equally important (more on that in another post), having a music video is a quick way to communicate what your music and brand are all about.  Not only this, but with the ever increasing popularity of YouTube the chances of your song or music getting more exposure is higher if you have a good song coupled with a great video.


A good example of this is the latest video I shot for Norwich band Keep It Secret.  The video shows that they are a fun, pop-punk band that are serious about their music.


4.  Having a Music Video Adds Legitimacy and Sets Your Music Apart


While this blog post is all about why your music needs a video, there are a lot of bands and musicians out there that just won’t bother with it.  This is where having a music video for your music sets you apart from others.  A music video shows that you are more serious about your music and it tells your fans and labels that you are professionals.


5. You’re Creatives, You’re Performers, Show it!


Everyone that is an artist or musician is a creative person and a performer and you need to use your music video to show that.  I have shot a number of music videos and I always find it amazing how at ease every band and musician is in front of the camera.  This isn’t just performing the song in front of a camera, but acting and doing things completely out of the ordinary.  Musicians are also creative people, and this is evidenced in the songs written.  Put this creativity to use in expanding upon your initial vision for your music and making it visual as well as audio.  A music video gives you a chance to flaunt your other talents.