Weekly Photography Tip 1

Quick Photography Tip #1!!


Going to start a weekly blog entry offering up 1 simple, quick photography tip.  This weeks photography is a simple one to incorporate into your photography, but it is also the most common thing that people do not do to make their photos look better.

What is this amazing tip you ask?  Move in closer to your subject!  The most common thing people do when photographing landscapes is that they shoot them, or the subject (ie, boats, cars, in this case a water hose) from way too far away.  This leaves the subject of the photograph small and lost within the frame of the image.  By simply moving in closer and filling the frame a bit more with the subject you will create a more dramatic and compelling image!!



I told you these would be quick!  That is it for this week.  Give it a try, take a photo from where you normally would and then move in closer and fill the frame more with the subject.

Feel free to post links to your photos and share them below!!