Moody Child Advertising Portrait Photography

This year I have decided to take on many more personal project in an effort to explore some ideas that I don’t normally get to do.  The year has started out so busy though that I have already been put a little off track.  My original plan was to do one of these a month, but I missed January just because my diary is completely packed through March right now.  But, I did manage to put aside one day in February to start on things a little.



We had this idea to do something that could be used as advertising photography for kids, but we wanted it to be more moody, modern, and most definitely our style.  My son makes the perfect model for these sort of shoots as we always try to make them something fun for him.  He has this toy JCB dump truck that he has tried to ride around since he was 1.  He is now 3 and far too big for it, but still hops on it every now and again and this was the inspiration for our shoot.  We wanted to portray what life would be like for a kid that ruled a building site.  Obviously we didn’t want to risk bringing our son onto a real building site so we decided to make this a composite image.  Thankfully the estate that I live in is very new and they are still building new homes all over the place.  So it was a rather short, and easy walk for me to find a good building site to take photos of to use as the background.  The rest of it was just shot in my home against a white background.


Now the great thing about this shot is that I told my son what I wanted him to do, said “are you ready” and then fired away.  It was literally ONE shot.  I couldn’t believe it.  I had taken the time to set everything up that I felt that I needed to take more than one shot.  So for fun we took turns hopping on the dump truck and having some fun as well!  Anyways, here is the final result of my son.


Children advertising commercial portrait photography


The thing that strikes me with this photo is that my son really managed to get across his emotion, and to be fair to him he really was having this much fun!  Now I think I have to send this photo off to companies like CAT (he is wearing CAT jeans) and JCB to show them what different advertising photography and photographers can bring their brands.  I really think that the emotion and the modern, moody feel makes this a great commercial advertising photograph.


What sort of projects would you like to see me do this year?  I am looking to create images that absolutely push my talents and limits, so nothing you suggest is going to be too crazy or out there!


Please leave suggestions below for what I should do this year in the advertising photography personal projects.  😀


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Yvette Head
February 13, 2013 at 11:09 am

You so have to do the rest of the 'mondays child' rhyme with him now!

Yvette Head
February 13, 2013 at 11:12 am

Oh just realised it says 'moody child' but my original idea still rocks. This could be for ' saturdays child works hard for his living'. Do you know the rhyme?

George Fairbairn
February 13, 2013 at 11:39 am
– In reply to: Yvette Head

I have no idea what that rhyme is!! 😀