Advertising Photographer | January Award Winning Image

2013 means a new year of competitions with The Societies, and everyone knows how much I love the monthly photographer competitions!  I think I finished up 2012 with 5 or 6 Gold Awards, and in 2013 I have set a goal of at least one a month!  A big ask, but one that I should be able to achieve if I work hard enough.  But, one gold in January is a good start, especially considering there were only 19 Golds awarded for Jan (out of almost 1500 entries)!





This image won Gold in the Open Avant Garde category for the month of January with The Societies.  It was one of the most complicated single space composite images that I have done, but one that was a LOT of fun to create.  As I try to get more advertising photography into my portfolio, I really wanted to create an image that told a story, was interesting, and told a story.  There are a lot of subtle elements to this photo, and that is part of the reason it was shot as a single space composite.  If you don’t know what I mean about single space composite, read my post about how my photographer of the year nominated image was created here.


My intention with creating this image was to show my creativity in telling stories with images, and using the most unlikely of settings to do it.  This is a key in my advertising photography and is an area in which I want to specialise in.  Being an advertising photographer is probably the most fun a person can have.  You get to create images that sell a product or service through the use of imagery and story telling.  This shot was done as a personal project so that I could really push the limits on what I can do.  It’s a bit silly in points, a bit dirty in others, and a bit funny.  You have a guy so shocked by the male stripper that he is putting silly string on his hot dog.  A man in a suit stands next to him putting on latex gloves, and another is sitting in the back row obviously enjoying the show.  You have little, mini stories within the overall plot of the image.  (side note:  a lot of people have asked where this image was taken.  This was taken at an old RAF base in Suffolk called RAF Tuddenham.  It is tiny, but the site consists of about 12 small buildings…all of them the same, except this one.  This building must have been the old galley or something along those lines.  Tuddenham is off of the A11 from Cambridge to Norwich.)


There are going to be a lot of exciting images coming in the next few months, as I have all sorts of new bookings and project lined up.  Please leave comments and questions below and share with your friends!