Brand Manager Marketing Expert Added to the Photography Team

We are extremely proud to announce the addition of an in house Brand Manager / Marketing Expert to the George Fairbairn Photography team.  Rebecca has been a brand manager for brands such as Basildon Bond, Oxford Notebooks, and Westland.  The addition of a brand manager to our photography team isn’t about us improving our marketing, it’s about using her expertise for YOU in our commercial and advertising photography.




Not only will you have the creativity and look of our commercial and advertising photographer services, but with the addition of a brand and marketing expert you get an experienced team that can deliver compelling images that really sell your products and brand.  Rebecca’s first commission with us was for an advertising shoot for Cambridgeshire and Hong Kong based head phone company CYW by Urbanz.  The brand new they wanted our style and look for their urban styled brand.  We in turn commissioned Rebecca to come along on the shoot to ensure that the images we were capturing were fully showcasing the product and were in line with the brand we were shooting for.  Having the brand and marketing expertise on site made this our most fun, exciting, and successful commercial shoot to date.  Our client was over the moon with the images and they have since graced magazines and billboards across the globe.


You can see in the images below how our brand manager really helped us nail the look, feel, and brand in our fashion styled commercial photography shoot.








Rebecca made sure that in every image we took, the product stood out and was the selling point of the image.  She also provided us with insight as to where the best places in each shot were to leave room for copy and logos for when the images were used as advertising.  This is an area some less experience commercial and advertising photographers make a mistake, they don’t leave you room in the image for copy.  Rebecca not only made sure we did that, but she also made sure we put the space in the right spots to give the image the most impact when used to try and sell the pictured product.  Commercial and Advertising photography is not for us photographers, it is about the product or service we are photographing and Rebecca is going to ensure that every image sells your product or service.


The results of this fashion shoot were so successful that we have decided to take Rebecca on full time as our brand and marketing consultant for our commercial and advertising photography.  We are extremely pleased Rebecca is now a part of the team, and we feel you will be as well!


To talk to us about your commercial, advertising, or fashion photographer needs please contact us.  We are more than happy to give you a free, no obligation quote!  Our quotes are straight forward and based around the kind of license you require for the use of the images.  We then only charge a creative fee, and will budget in for other expenses such as models, makeup, and venues.   We are ideally located to work throughout the UK being based just outside of Cambridge.  We frequently work in London as it is a very short train journey away.



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