2012 Professional Photographer Retrospective

It’s that time of year again!  The time when I do a shameless blog post highlighting my favourite images, and experiences from a fantastic year.  2012 was an amazing year for a number of reasons.  One of the reasons for this is that at the start of the year I made the decision to no longer do weddings, to focus my photography on bands and advertising, and to only take portrait commissions from people that genuinely wanted my style.  That last part makes me sound a bit pretentious, but it’s the complete opposite.  I wanted to make sure that when I had a portrait enquiry, they understood my style and that my style was what they wanted.  If someone was looking for lifestyle portraits I would refer them on.  Mostly because that’s not what I am best at, but it’s also not what I do.

Having said all that, one of my favourite shoots from 2012 was a portrait session!  This maternity portrait session was booked almost immediately after I made the announcement about the way I was moving forward.  The couple were absolutely fantastic to work with, very creative as well, and really made for a great (and different) maternity shoot.



From the moment I posted this photo it was one of my most popular and commented on photos.  It is definitely a fresh, unique maternity portrait.  From here, the rest of my favourite photographs from 2012 are mostly all band related.  Early in the year I had the great pleasure of a winters day doing band portraits for Norwich based band Kings and Crows.  The original idea for the shoot came from an old Madness photo that I love, and I wanted to create something similar.  I wanted something that portrayed the band as fun and unique.  So, we headed off to Great Yarmouth and came up with the following band portrait.


From here on out, dates will get the best of me and things will probably not be posted in the order the happened….just in the order I remember them.  😀  Another high of the year was doing another music video for my good friends Hello Bear.  I have worked with Hello Bear loads of different times, and everytime I do work with them it’s a blast.  Music video production is becoming a bigger and bigger part of my job as a professional photographer, and I love it because it’s challenging and exciting.  Each one gets a little bit better, and each one a little more fun.  This one was a lot of work in setting up, and I think the results were quite good.  Make sure you UP the quality on YouTube.  YouTube has made it look a bit rubbish if you don’t.

My next favourite shoot for the year was for an absolutely amazing rock opera based upon Frankenstein.  The album is now finished and out and it’s amazing.  I travelled down to my second home of London for the promo shoot and we got some cracking shots in my opinion.   It’s shoots like these, where I get to really use my creativity, that makes my job as a band portrait photographer so much fun.



Moving on I headed out to Norwich again to do another music video and promo shoot for Keep It Secret.  I have worked with these guys before and was really excited to do a music video for them.  This was a much more fun and funny sort of video than the ones I had done before and we managed to get it all shot in one day…though the last few shots we were severely short on light!  But, the funniness of this video is amazing, and I could watch it a hundred times!

Besides the video though, we also managed to squeeze in a very quick portrait session!





Since we are still on the topic of music video production I might as well move onto another one that I did in 2012.  This was for London based boy band Nicole Jane (though I think they are changing the name to NJ).  I had done a band portrait session for them earlier in the year as well, and in the last month or so they contacted me about doing a music video for them.  Suffice to say that I think this is my best music video to date.  The crazy thing is that in 2 days this video received over 120K views!!  I am shooting another video for them next week already!  😀


Let’s move away from all the artist, bands, and musicians for a minute.  This summer saw me do a shoot for Cambridgeshire and Hong Kong based headphone company CYW by Urbanz.  Their headphones are amazing and they wanted my urban, grungy style to advertising their headphones world wide.  Now advertising photography is one of the things that I really love.  It combines a little portraiture, a little advertising, and a little fashion.  It helps that part of the team we have here is a marketing and branding expert that used to be a brand manager for companies such as Black and Red notebooks.  Having this in our arsenal helps us achieve photos that highlight the product and help us meet the clients brief…and I think we nailed it here.  One of the amazing things about being an advertising photographer is seeing your work in use.  These photos have been used on their website, in magazines, and on billboards in Hong Kong.




I think that about sums up my favourite images from 2012.  Oh, there is one more….


Arguably my most famous image from 2012 as it has won multiple awards.  Speaking of awards, 2012 was a great year for my in this area.  I received my A with the SWPP (a distinction held by less than 10% of qualified photographers) won around 5 or 6 Gold Awards, Judges choice award for November, AND nominated for portrait photographer of the year 2012!  A crazy, very successful year.  The awards dinner for photographer of the year is early Jan at the Hilton in London…so fingers crossed!!!

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