NJ [Nicole Jane] One Last Time Music Video Production

Seems like a long time ago, but about a month or so ago I had the great pleasure of working with NJ (Nicole Jane) again.  This time it was for music video production on their new single “One Last Time”.   You might remember the name NJ (Nicole Jane) from a previous post in which I did some band portrait photos which you can view here.  The boys are extraordinarily talented and already have built up a huge fanbase around Europe.  Soon enough though that is going to creep into the UK…they are far too talented to go unnoticed here for too long.  Check them out now!



As you can tell, they are quite popular.  At the time of posting this the music video has over 120K views…and it was only posted 2 days ago!  How many views will it get?  Only time will tell.   NJ (Nicole Jane) are masters at promoting themselves, as you can see.  So I expect this to be the video that takes them to the top…and to think it was my music video production!   Makes me feel quite proud!!


We shot the video in London at an amazing place called The Last Refuge in Peckham.  It’s a theatre companies space, and the rent it out when not in use.  It was the ideal place to shoot a music video, and especially this music video as the setting just fit the mood and lyrics of the song perfectly.  I think this was my 5th music video production, and I have to say my best so far.  Like photography, I learn so much with every video that I shoot and the difference between this and my first music video production is night and day.  This one is crisp, clean, and just looks extremely professional and good…and all shot on a DSLR!.  Having the right lighting helps a lot though!  I definitely look forward to working with NJ (Nicole Jane) again, talks are already under way on the next video!  Anyways, enjoy the video, watch it again!


Be sure to check out the NJ (Nicole Jane)  facebook page here.


If you are a band or a musician and want to utilise my music video production, please contact us for a quote.  We do offer packages that include music video production as well as a promotional portrait session all in one!  Win win!!

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