Nominated for Portrait Photographer of the Year

The post announcing this is a little late as I actually found this out a week ago!  But, received a lovely letter from the SWPP informing that I have been nominated for photographer of the year in the Portrait Avant Garde category!  Words cannot express the joy and emotion that I felt when I received this news.  When I started out as a professional photographer, I had dreamed of one day something like this happening.  But, I had never thought it would happen so soon!  To put it in perspective, the awards dinner (where the nominees and winners in the various categories are announced) is held at the largest photographic convention in Europe!  I am up against some of the people I absolutely admire as photographers and would never consider myself on par with (but, I have always said I am my own worst critic).


How are the nominees selected?  Well, the SWPP has monthly competition that I enter almost every month (you can read about my award here).  The gold awards from those competitions are then put forward to be judged, and of those selected images are then nominated for photographer of the year in the various categories, and the winners of those categories are then put forward to overall photographer of the year.  There have been thousands of submissions into the monthly competition, and over the year hundreds of award winning imges…and to have one of my images be selected for portrait photographer of the year is humbling, but most of all extremely exciting and bad ass!!


Portrait Photographer of the Year nominated image

Anyone the reads my blog, or likes me on facebook is probably sick of seeing this image!  What can I say, it’s been everywhere since I took it a few weeks ago.  It won Gold in November, Judges Choice for November, and is the portrait image that has seen me nominated for portrait photographer of the year.  Crazy I know!  So, the awards ceremony is the Saturday Jan 12th!  Not long at all to find out how I do!!

The result of all the attention that this image has received has also brought a lot of attention towards me in regards to photographer training.  It has been on my list to get started on soon, but I think that has been sped up with all the emails I get now asking about training, so keep an eye out for some photographer training starting in 2013.

If you would like your portraits taken by the portrait photographer of the year nominee (and potential winner), be sure to check out our new portrait photography packages!!  Also, feel free to contact us with any questions, or to ask about commissioning us for your photography needs.

If I were to win, what sort of promotion, or image would you like to see me do?

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Vicki Boulter
January 2, 2013 at 5:37 pm

Was not surprised to see you nominated… how could anyone tire of seeing this image it’s fantastic! Well done George, I look forward to meeting you at the Convention.

Vicki 🙂

January 2, 2013 at 6:56 pm
– In reply to: Vicki Boulter

Thank you very much Vicki! See you next week at the convention! 😀