October 2013 Band Portrait Photographer Awards

The October professional photography awards surprised me a little bit.  I submitted a couple of images I thought were good, and then at the last minute threw one in from a few months ago that I really wasn’t expecting anything from.  Surprisingly, that image won Gold for the month of October!  Shows how little we know sometimes, or how overly critical I can be of my photography!  Let’s get to the image and then my ramblings about it.


Gold Award Winning Band Portrait Photographer Norwich London Cambridge


So this is the Gold award winning image I had in the Environmental Portrait category with the Societies in October.  Now, as far as band portrait’s go, this was one of the hardest shots I have ever captured.  Shot in the chalk mines of Norwich, this band portrait of Norwich’s Dead Red was shot in 100% complete and utter blackness.  Lights were setup using a torch and trying to get everyone posed.  I didn’t have an assistant with me (nor was there probably any room for one) so when it came time to actually press the shutter, I had to shine the torch on Nikki to get the camera to focus…the torch was so dim that it was really only lighting Nikki.  Let’s just say, there were about 10 shots like this that were “throwaways”.  Someone was either blinking, or not quite were I wanted them and getting the lighting just right was a lot of trial and error.  Like I said, of all the band portraits I have done, this was definitely the hardest.  Now, when the judges of the monthly competitions judge the photography, they do not know the trials and tribulations that the photographer went through to get the image….they only see the final result.  It was knowing this why I wasn’t expecting much from this portrait.  I have always said I am my own worst critic, and personally I see all sorts of imperfections with this photo, all of them with the posing.  The lighting, I admit, I got spot on and is fantastic.  But, there are things I wish were slightly better in terms of composition and posing, and this is why I was surprised at winning a Gold award.  Maybe I am too hard on myself with my band portraits…what do you think?


Band Portrait Photographer London


Now this image is one of the last from the Frankenstein rock opera series of band portraits that I did earlier in the year.  For those unfamiliar with the Frankenstein rock opera, it is the brain child of Orpheus Studio in London.  The portrait was shot at the studio in London and then composited onto a shot I did in Copenhagen Denmark.  This portrait was Highly Commended in the Open category for October.  Why not Gold?  Well, I think I could have done a little more in getting a better expression when I did the actual portait, and there are some things with the editing of the composite that I could have done better.  Now, in my opinion, I think this is the better of the two!  Maybe I am going crazy, or I am out of touch with my own photography!  😀


What do you think of my images from the October competition?  Am I overly critical of my band portraits?  Personally, I don’t think you can ever be too critical of your own work.

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