Photographer Awards September 2012

Running very behind on posting this considering it’s now the 14th of October!  But, I only entered one image into the monthly SWPP image competition, so only have on image to blog about.  😀  There are only 2 months of competition left this year (where has this year gone) and then we will be off to the convention in January for the annual awards and the 20×16 print competition…for which I still need to order prints and decide on what to enter this year!  😀


Anyways, here is the image for September.

Award Winning Promotional Award Photographer Cambridge London Peterborough UK England Movies Bands Musicians Advertising


This is a monochrome version of one of my favourite images from the advertising / fashion photography session for cywbyurbanz.  The image is a fashion image, shot in Cambridge, but I didn’t enter it into the fashion category.  I entered this into the monochrome category as I just really never enter this category and wanted to get something in there for this year.  I may enter the colour version into a different category next month, but not sure.  As I always like to do, I like to dissect the image if it doesn’t get Gold to see where I could have improved it.  With this one, it’s a rather easy one.  I think the crop could be a little bit better.   My model is a little too far right and I cropped right through his shoulder, which I don’t like.  I also could have used a better positioned accent light on the right.  It’s there, but it was acting more as a fill light instead of an accent light, and I think if I have used it as an accent it would be a bit better.  Saying that though is easier said than done with this shot considering he is sitting on a ledge 5 stories up…so there really wasn’t anywhere for me to put the light to use as an accent. 😀


So, there you have my one Highly Commended for the month of September, hopefully October I will get more images entered and get more awards!  😀



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Andrew Crow-Roberts
October 14, 2012 at 8:55 pm

For £3 you could have gone to the top of St Mary’s bell tower and got close to the same shot with the college roof line behind it. There is a lot of area up there for stands and it overlooks a large chunk of the college district and market district of Cambridge. We’re you alone on this shoot? I went all Joe McNally on one shoot and had extension poles hanging out with flashes to get the reflecting accent light you are talking about, but that was with my daughter helping. As always, you’re still a cut above the norm, even if it isn’t to the standards of the awards you desire. Always a pleasure to see your shots.

October 14, 2012 at 8:59 pm

Thanks Andy! I wasn’t along at all on this shoot…it was a full blown production. Rebecca helping, a makeup artist, the guy from the company, and 4 models…lol. But, didn’t even think about hanging one of my lights off the edge…should have done though. 😀