Composite Photography Photoshop High Speed Edit

As I get more and more requests for photography and photoshop training, I have decided that not only do I need to start doing more training but I also need to start sharing a little bit more of what I do.  So, this is the first one of these I have ever made, and there will be many more to come!  It’s a high speed video of me putting together a composite image in photoshop.  It isn’t a photography or photoshop tutorial or training, it is merely a video sped up of me editing an image.  Though, if you do have any questions or comments please feel free to ask and fire away.   Here is the video…




Hope you enjoyed that as much as I enjoyed making it!  There are a few things I should mention.  I didn’t show the cutout of the main person in this, mostly because I had saved the cutout already, so next video will show that process as well.  I also use a lot of actions that I have created myself in this.  This probably doesn’t help you any as they don’t show you what I do all the time.  So, in the future I will try not to use them as much, but that might be hard as I am very used to using them all the time and they really speed up my workflow…which is why I made them in the first place!  But, I do understand they don’t give away a whole lot, so I will try to avoid using them in future videos.


Again, any comments or questions please feel free to ask!


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