Commercial Advertising Photographer | CYW by Urbanz Headphone Shoot

I haven’t posted in awhile just because things have been manic lately.  Part of that has been planning, preparing, and more planning for a shoot that took place about two weeks ago now.  I was commissioned to do some commercial / advertising / fashion photography for a headphone company called CYW by Urbanz.  I call it commercial / advertising / fashion photography because it really incorporated all three of those things, and this is part of the reason that it took so much planning and preparation.  The company wanted my urban, grungy style of photography that I am known for with my band photography applied to promoting their headphones.  We wanted something urban, youthful, fun, and striking that could be used on everything from their website to billboards in Hong Kong and everything in between.  Needless to say, this was arguably my biggest shoot to date.  😀


I opted to use a spot in Cambridge that I had used a couple of times before, the Park Street car park roof.  The reasons were that Cambridge was going to be the easiest and most central location for all the models, makeup artists, company exec’s and assistants to meet.  In a perfect word I would probably have used my Shoreditch spot in London, but I knew that the Cambridge location was still the right location, and I had used it multiple times for other photography shoots.  The company had seen my work prior to commissioning me for the job, and when they rang and we discussed models they asked specifically for a couple of band members they had seen in my portfolio.  I loved this for a couple of reasons.   One, I love working with musicians as they are used to performing and being in a spot light and as a result they are very easy to pose and work it.  Two, these were people I had worked with before.  Every time you work with someone on a shoot, the better it is.   You understand each other better, and get a better feel for what works and what doesn’t work, and as a result of this I was really looking forward to working with these guys again.  I also brought up two lovely models from Devon for the shoot.  I had not worked with either of these models before, but know one of them quite well.  My wife, who is a brand manager by day, assisted me on the shoot and provided her marketing expertise to the shoot ensuring that the work I was doing as a photographer was work that would work from a marketing point of view….and this was invaluable assistance to have.  😀  Throw in a makeup artist from Norwich and the company president with bags full of headphones and we had quite the entourage together.


So how about seeing the results of this great shoot?  Here you go!  Be sure to check out the Urbanz website and their headphones….they are fantastic!


So there you have a selection of images from my commercial / advertising / fashion photography shoot in Cambridge with headphone maker CYW by Urbanz.  Hope you like them, and most of all hope they inspire you to buy some of their headphones…as that is what I was hired to do!  Create images that display the headphones in a manner that will make you want to go out and buy them!  Feel free to leave any comments or questions below, and if you are looking for a commercial / advertising photographer with an urban and grunge style then please get in touch!

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