ASWPP Successful Panel

A couple of weeks ago, I submitted a panel to the SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) for my Associateship.  You might remember almost exactly 1 year ago I was awarded my Licentiate with the SWPP and was featured in their magazine “Professional Imagemaker”.   The step up from your L to your A is a significant one, and I finally felt that I was ready to submit a panel to the SWPP for my Associateship, though if I am honest I wasn’t expecting to get it (I am my worst critic!).

What is an Associateship?  Well, from the SWPP website it is “At this standard, we are viewing images that not only display a high degree of technical ability, but also portray imagination and creativity in execution and presentation. These are important factors that often go hand in hand with higher prices as this qualification is held by the top 10% of practitioners, who coincidentally are often impressive image makers and astute businessmen.”  I was over the moon when I got home and opened the letter saying that I had been awarded my Associateship with the SWPP.  It is a massive achievement and now I will start working on my panel of images for my Fellowship.  😀


You probably are wondering about the images that comprised my successful A photographer panel.  So, here we go!


So there you have it.  To date, my proudest moment as a professional photographer.  Some of the comments made from the judges were very motivational and inspiring. A couple commented on my style calling it “unique and refreshing”, while another made sure to comment that I mustn’t get complacent with this achievement and continue to strive for more…something I will most certainly do!
The panel success and the comments have reaffirmed my decision earlier in the year to focus my photography business on what I am best at,  editorial portraits, promotional photography for bands, musicians, actors, etc.  All of these images (except 1) are from shoots with bands, celebrities, or musicians.  If you need professional editorial portraits, or promotional and PR photography get in touch here.