Professional Musician Photographer – Candy

I know I am well and truly very behind on updating the blog and getting posts up here.  But, busy busy busy is a good thing even if it does mean the website is suffering a bit lately.  😀  So, I think a couple of months ago now I had the great pleasure of photographing London based musician Ross Candy.  I believe that the music is going to be known as Candy, but we shall see when his website and everything is up and running.  My email from Candy was easily the best band photographer enquiry I have ever had.  He included tear sheets of photos he liked, and samples of his songs.  These are all things I normally ask band and musicians for before beginning a shoot anyways, so that made this enquiry amazing.  The reason I ask for all of this is so that I can get a feel for the music and get an image in my head that fits the music.  I then ask to see other photos that they like to make sure that we are on the same page.  😀


For my shoot with Candy, we headed out to my favourite spot again in Shoreditch London.  I have used this spot a hundred times, but it is so versatile that most people probably won’t notice.  Onto the photos from the day!




This is easily my favourite shot from the day.  It is very GQ, which suits Ross very well, but it also has a desolate feel to it, which is funny considering we were in the heart of London!  I have been posting a lot of composite / photoshopped images on here lately from my band photography shoots, but this one is pretty basic.  I did change the sky and that was only because it was completely blue without a single cloud in it!  We needed to add some mood and feeling to it, so I changed the sky out to this one.  As far as the photography goes, this was right in line with why Ross hired me as his photographer.  He wanted something to portray him in a desolate environment, but also something to show his music.



Same location as the other image, but I did decide to leave the sky alone in this one.  I felt that the blue sky added to the GQ fashion photography feel that the image has.  The tire added just enough grunge for me and we had a lot of fun getting this image.  I know I have said it in the past, but one of the reasons that I love working with bands and musicians as a photographer is that they are tremendous in taking direction on posing.  Most bands and musicians just listen to what I say and are natural models!  I think that really comes through in this photo as Ross really looks like a model here!





Again, same location in Shoreditch London as the other ones and the tunnel that has been used on countless other band shoots in London.  The nice thing with this tunnel though is that the graffiti is constantly changing and every time I come back it’s different….it’s a bit like having a new location all the time!


So there you have a little catch up on some of the things I have been up to.


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