June Band Photographer Awards

I know I haven’t posted anything since last month’s awards, but I have just been really busy.  That’s both good and bad as it doesn’t give me time to keep on top of the website.  But, hopefully I will have some time to get caught up on here.  June was a good month for me with the monthly SWPP professional photographer competitions.  I was awarded one Gold award in the Portrait Avante Garde category, and one Highly Commended in the Open Avante Garde category for the month of June.  Both images were from my Frankenstein shoot, in which I still have a few images to edit.  Full post on all those images when I get done with the few that I have left to do.  So, onto the images.  They are both composite images so I will probably talk a little bit more about them than normal.


The above image won Gold in the Portrait Avante Garde category for the month of June with the SWPP professional photographer competitions.  It is a composite image consisting of 5 images in total.  All images used in the creation of this one image were shot by myself, and no stock images were used.  We had the image of the guy, the girl, Kings College in Cambridge, the sky, and then the moon.  All 5 of those images were merged into the image you see here.  I seem to win most of my Gold lately for composite images but I think that is partly because I am seeing the finished products in my head and either the weather has prevented us from creating it in reality or the image I see in my head just simply doesn’t exist in real life!


Award Winning Band Photographer London


The above image was Highly Commended in the Open Avante Garde category for the month of June.  It is also a composite, but a far more complex one than the first one.  This image consists of 7 images in total and was over 40 layers when all was said and done.    What stopped it from being a Gold?  Not sure really…the lighting is good and consistent so I am going to have to pin it on posing and maybe positioning…or maybe even it’s a bit of my editing.  Not realistic enough?  Who knows.


The key to creating composite images like these is to make sure your lighting is consistent, your angle of shooting is consistent, and often overlooked the height of your shooting is consistent.  When I do a shoot and I know that it is going to be a composite (like the Frankenstein shoot), and turned into ultra detail photographer.  I mark my write down the height my tripod is when I shoot, the angle, and the focal length.  That way when I venture into Cambridge or London to take the background photographs, I am taking them from those exact settings.  That way when I place the subjects into the new photograph, they already seem like the belong.  From there it’s just a matter of tying it all together.   Creating images like these just wasn’t possible as a photographer a few years ago, and it has opened up a whole new world and style of photography….and I hope that I am delving and carving my own style into this mad profession of photography, especially band photographers!  😀


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Jo Clark
July 4, 2012 at 7:48 pm

Awesome shots as ever George, I think you captured a ghost in that top image too!