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I don’t think I did an update for the month of Feb…but I did get two Highly Commended awards for the month of February.  But March saw me finally get a Gold in the SWPP monthly competitions.  March was one of the most fun months I have had yet this year.  If you didn’t know already, I had made the decision at the beginning of the year to focus the business almost exclusively on my band promotional photography and video production.  It was a bit of a risk, but it has proven to be the right decision as I am having my busiest year to date, I am having loads of fun, and the creativity it is giving me has been amazing.

So, in March I had done some images for Norwich band Kings and Crows.  This shoot was a lot of fun, and one of the most creative shoots that I have done in awhile.  It produced what I think might be my personal favourite image I have ever produced.  That same image is the one that won Gold in the Open Avante Garde category for the month of March with the SWPP.  Here is that image….

Award Winning Band Photography Photographer Norwich Cambridge London

If you had read my post on this shoot, you will know a little bit about how this image was created.  But, to give a short little rundown on it:  It is a single space composite.  What this means is that each band member was shot separately and then that all combined into the final image.  I did this with this image to ensure that each member was lit properly and to give each member the chance to give me their best.  😀  I am always amazed as a band photographer how willing bands are to “ham it up” for the camera.  But, at the same time I really shouldn’t be.  They are performers after all, and that is probably why photographing bands is one of my favourite things to do.  They trust your creativity, and want to help you achieve it and are willing to get into any number of weird and unusual poses that I put them in.  😀  Winning and award for this image really makes me happy and is helping me notice a trend in the images that I do win a Gold Award with.  They have all been for band photography, or promotional photography of some sort.  They all also have almost all been composites in some way, shape, or form.  In my opinion, I think this is because I really focus on getting each person just right when I do a composite.  I use the same technique and lighting that I would on a non-composite image, but I get a variety of shots to choose from and I get to combine the best of each person into one shot…giving you a shot that looks “perfect”.  And that is what it’s all about.  😀

I also did a video and promo photography shoot for Norwich Pop-Punk band Keep It Secret.  I haven’t yet posted those images on the blog, but that is coming soon.  Most of you might recognise the name as they were the winner of the band photography competition that I held last summer. Here is the image from that shoot that won a Highly Commended Award.

Award Winning Band Photographer Norwich Cambridge London UK

This image was Highly Commended in the monochrome category for the month of March with the SWPP.  I was actually a little hesitant to enter this image as it breaks a lot of “rules”.  The first, and probably the most obvious, is that this image was shot with an extremely short lens.  I was literally about 1 foot in front of Mattie (the singer of Keep it Secret) when I took this shot.  The reason that this is breaking the rules is that being that close to your subject with a short lens creates a lot of “distrortion”.  But, that’s the way that I shoot and was the look I was going for.  With photography competitions though you can never be sure is they are going to be looking for strict rule following as well as technique or if they are going to see the technique as well as the creativity.  I think it might have been able to achieve Gold had I used one more light on the left to separate Mattie a little from the background.  But, I am not a judge so it really could be any number of things.  I see all sorts of flaws with the image, but again I am probably my worst critic!  😀

So there you have my two award winning images as a band photographer for the month of March.  There were a lot of shoots and videos in March and I am still working my way through them.  In March I had travelled everywhere from Norwich to Cambridge to London and up to Peterborough doing photography.  Hopefully though, I will get some of that stuff on here soon!

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to ask them or leave a comment below!

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