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As an editorial photographer, last Sunday was a day I had been looking forward to for a couple of months.  A couple of months ago DJ TDK and I found each other on twitter and arranged to do a promo shoot.  It just took a couple of months to get to a date we both had free!  So we met up at Liverpool Street station in London and proceeded to make our way to Bricklane.  We had ideas of what we were looking for…amazingly it took us a little bit of time to find those places!!  As an editorial photographer I am always looking out for cool and unusual places to do shoots in.  I travel to London quite often as an editorial photographer, but have never been to the bricklane area of London before.  I will definitely be going back not only to use a couple of the places we found for my next editorial photographer assignment….but also just to have a curry!!  It smells so good down there!

Anyways….enough of me babbling on about my editorial photographer commission with DJ TDK, here are some of my favourite photos from the day!!!

This shot was just one of those as a editorial photographer that you know is just going to be awesome.  I set this shot up trying to use the lines in the road and the tunnel to lead you right to DJ TDK.  I also used the light that was streaming through the opening as a bit of backlighting.  Because of this I only used 1 light to light DJ TDK and I think it works well.

This shot was one of the last shots of the day…and at the most amazing location EVER in London.  Next time I am in London as a editorial photographer and need a very grungy location…I am coming here.  There is so much more to this location than what you will see in these photos.  There was just so much stuff and it was towards the end of our shoot.  But you will definitely be seeing some more of this amazing location.

Anyways…the concept behind this shot was that I wanted DJ TDK to act as if he was listening to some of his music alone with no one else around.  This is the shot we got.

Same location as the above photo.  Like I said, as an editorial photographer when you find an awesome location you take advantage of it.  This was in a massive tunnel that led to a wall…so we didn’t have to worry about any cars here!  It gave me plenty of space to set up lights and move them around as well as allowing me room for loads of different angles.  Again, I tried to utilise the lines and angles to lead you to DJ TDK while giving you an image where you feel that there is something going on…something you as the viewer are missing.  This is why he is then looking down and out of frame.  😀

This is a bit wider of the shot two above.  I told DJ TDK to act as if he was listening to his music and no one was around.  I think both work well, and really tell a story while giving you a bit of insight into TDK himself.

This shot was at the same location as the first photo in this series…but we just stepped out of the tunnel.  I had to lie on my stomach to get the angle that I wanted here, but as an editorial photographer I am well used to getting myself dirty and into weird situations to get the shot that I have in my head.  I really wanted to use 2 lights for this shot, but this was actually a pretty busy little street that we were on and I would never have been able to do it properly.  So I went with one light instead.

Once we made it to Bricklane we stumbled upon this wall.  It’s an absolutely amazing wall, and we really felt that we had to utilise it as a backdrop in the photos.  This was on bricklane itself, so there were hundreds of people walking about.  I decided that I needed to take advantage of this wall though and was going to set up lights anyways.  As an editorial photographer that works out on location much of the time, I warned DJ TDK to be ready for a crowd.  I wasn’t wrong.  People are always interested once light stands come and want to see if I am photographing a celebrity or something…soon enough TDK will be though!!  😀

So there you have my latest editorial photographer commission.  It was great working with DJ TDK and I am sure you will seeing and hearing more about him soon!!

Want to know more about TDK?  Here are some links…

Blog – This is TDK

Facebook – Andrew Deejay TDK

He is also a DJ for Deja Vu

Be sure to check him out!!  If you need an editorial photographer, or just want some promo photos, or advertising photography then definitely get in touch on 07791 109049 or email george@gfphoto.co.uk  I am based outside of Cambridge but travel to london as an editorial photographer quite often and can cover all of the UK easily.

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