Male Fashion Photographer – Cambridge

Last week I met up with model Tolby for a male fashion shoot.  The brief was for modern, contemporary images in surroundings that suited the outfits.  This last part of the brief was a little different than what I normally do.  Normally I like to contrast the outfits with the environment…i.e. suits in urban grungy locations and things like that.  But, I was up for the challenge and we headed to Cambridge to do the shoot.  I knew exactly where I wanted to do the shots of the suit.  There is this little courtyard near Miller music that I felt would be perfect for the suit shots.  As a photographer, I am always looking around the places I go trying to remember any great locations that I can use in the future.  Anyways, here are the fashion shots that we did around Cambridge.

So with the business fashion images done.  We then had to find some places to photograph the casual fashion outfits.  We had a few different things to photograph and I thought I knew just the place.  Being a photographer in Cambridge, you get quite used to doing things in Jesus Green, and that was where I thought the rest of the fashion shoot should be done.  Jesus Green has so many different places to do photo shoots, if you just look around.  So, off we headed….

I did want to get one non-urban location….and this is shot on one of the main paths leading through Jesus Green.  I will say, if you have never been to Jesus Green….you need to go!  😀

I couldn’t help myself with this location.  The fashion photo shoot brief was to use locations that fit the outfits..and I felt that the ruggedness of the bridge went really well with the boots, jeans, and top.  Tolby also felt right at home in the location and really made the most of it…making my job as the fashion photographer a little easier!!

Lastly I knew that I wanted a location with somewhat of a suburban feel to it.  Just off of Jesus Greed is an excellent street lined with lovely houses on one side.  I knew the street was never to busy and that it was the perfect location for our final images.

Tolby was great to work with and really helped to make the images.  The brief was simple, yet fun, and challenging and I think they will be more than happy with the images.  Even though we did the shoot in Cambridge, I have done many fashion shoots in London and London really gives you an extreme gamut of locations and feels to choose from.

If you need a good, award winning commercial photographer for your business please visit the commercial photographer page here. Based just outside of Cambridge I am a professional fashion photographer, PR photographer, Advertising photographer, as well and promotional photographer.  I can cover all of the UK, and quotes are free and quick!!  Don’t hesitate to contact me today.  Thanks for reading….feel free to leave any comments as well!

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